Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Run-Around

I had planned to take a bunch of pictures today and I failed.

The one I really wish I had was a picture of Joe up at Spoke n Jo installing my headset and cutting my steerer tube (not in that order). Joe rules. What a great thing: a bike shop that opens at 6 AM. I was out of there by 7. Thanks Joe!

After Joe's. I got home just in time to ride to school with Maddie and Liza. After about a week of riding with no training wheels, Maddie is just a pro now.
Then off to the Friday ride. Jason and I hooked up for the Temple Road loop. It was hot. Aside from the fact that both of us went down on this ride... with no serious injuries, the ride was fun. Pat also joined us for the first part. He bailed after the climb up Lehman, which was quite sporting. You know, compared to bailing out before the Lehman climb.

Sucky rack at a convenience store on Starr road.

Dig those tires! So perfect!

I was able to squeeze in a couple more components on the new bike in a 1/2 hour that I had before running a bunch of bikes for P2P. That's another shot I wish I would've taken. We're getting quite the pile.

The final shot I wish I would've taken was a picture of Mike, Beth, and Liza as we enjoyed a snack and a beer downtown. Riding through the 75F night after a day in the 100's is a nice way to end the day.

FBC tomorrow night. Swamp at 8pm.


Gino Zahnd said...

Is it just me, or is the SOGN decal upside down?

John Speare said...

Mr Zahnd: great eye. You get the award for "attention to detail."

Yep. The drive side SOGN decal is up-side-down. I don't think that's by design. My guess is that it's a hard font for non-native-English speakers to read and therefore easy to flip.

Gino Zahnd said...

Love it! I wonder if they're all like that.

John Speare said...

Well. the one on the non-drive side is right-side-up

bleckb said...

On the disc brakes, going hydraulic or mechanical? I'm not sure what the word on the road is on this, but my mountain bike has avid hydraulics and I've done nothing but use them in the three years I've had the bike: no problems, no adjustments, nothing. I guess the pads will wear sooner or later, but so far they are a breeze and nary a problem.

I've ridden with at least one person who's mechanical discs squeal and squeak. Not sure if it's his bike or inherent in the mechanical calipers. I haven't looked into whether you can use any old lever and have it work with hydraulics. Guess that could drive up the price and direct the decision.