Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Downtown Transportation Plan

DKS is a consultant company that is assisting the city on coming up with transportation plan for downtown. There's a bunch of cycling stuff in there.

If the plan shakes out into something good, the plan is to bake it into the Master Bike Plan. So far the DKS plan is pretty good. There are a couple things that need to change, and it's not exactly how I would do things, but in the interest of progress and moving forward with concrete project-level stuff to raise money for: the plan is good.

You can see the plan here: http://www.spokaneengineering.org/Downtown%20Study/Downtown%20Study.htm

You can send feedback here: DKSTransportationStudy@spokanecity.org

My feedback is here: http://phred.org/pipermail/bab/2008-August/000865.html

This is dry stuff, but if you ride downtown or want to, this plan (well, Chapter 4 and the Bicycle Summary Sheets specifically) is worth a read. People doing this stuff actually do read and act on feedback.

Oh yeah. And of course the dead line is this Friday. My bad. I should've posted this about a month ago.

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Not said...

The list of proposed improvements looks great.

I did find the following statement interesting (on page 4 of chapter 4): "Spokane has excellent topography and weather for bicyclists."

I like climbing hills and riding in the snow, but I normally think of these as barriers for inexperienced riders. I have to wonder what the author might consider poor topography and weather.

- Ventura