Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Scoop has racks

Patrick and Elissa put leaners in. There's even a wee little leaner for the kids' bikes. Nice.


Jacque Hendrix said...

They (P & E) are so great! I'm going to have to test them out (um, the racks) tomorrow morning.

Megan said...

FYI--Mullan Road Elementary School has tons of bike racks. Probably not something that would be of use to most of your readers, but I took my kids there to play today and thought it was neat to see that kind of support for young bicyclists. It seems like so few kids ride their bikes to school these days--every little bit of encouragement helps, I guess.

John Speare said...

Hi Megan,
Yeah. the newish elementary schools have miles of bike racks. The one at Hamblen is crazy long. My buddy Jon challenged me to create a bike event that would fill the Hamblen rack. It would take at least 100 bikes. Probably more.