Saturday, December 27, 2008

Destination: DeLeon's

Giant veggie burrito

Pat and I slogged around the lower south hill and into downtown today. The point was to get out. But the point was also to go to DeLeon's downtown.

We'll have to do a proper northside DeLeon's winter breakfast ride soon. We did a few of these last winter. Now that DeLeon's is downtown it's hard to get motivated for the north-bound ride. But we can cite tradition as a reason. From last year:

Click for more pics of past DeLeon's rides


Hank Greer said...

That wicked looking knife can lead to all kinds of stereotypical comments.

The food looks great. I'm up for northside or downtown DeLeons. I'd probably just meet you there since I'd be riding in from up north.

Three Yellow Hearts said...

Ooooh that sounds fun! I have never ventured out for snow biking yet!

This is Tiffany by the way :)
(oh also, I linked to your blog from mine...hope you don't mind!...good stuff)

bleckb said...

Keep me posted if you remember for the ride to DeLeon's north. I've been off the bike for over two weeks (we were out of town for the holidays, missing all the snow and cold) and plan to put the studs on today since my commute starts again tomorrow.

John Speare said...

Bradley: keep an eye on the cyclingspokane forum. We did a ride today up to Deleon's.