Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still going on about the new commute

Ok, this will be my last post for a while about my new life as a born-again-commuter.

I left my house on my fancy Lyon's 747 this morning. I went a couple blocks and slid a bit on some ice, so I was sort of excited to turn back and get the ice bike.

As it turns out, the ice was pretty localized to the south hill. Or maybe just 26th and Monroe, because I didn't hit any more ice for the rest of the day.

The ice bike is set up as a fixed gear with 42/18 gearing, which would be just a tad tall for me even if the bike didn't have huge-ass (diameter and weight) Hakkapeliitta studded tires on it. I always notice the extra gear inches created by the larger diameter of these tires. I think I ran 38 or 39/18 last year.

I sort of dreaded the ride home -- specifically the climb up through Liberty Park and the climb up Snake Hill (aka Upper Terrace Road from Rockwood to 17th), which are both pretty steep. I also had about 15 pounds on the front rack. I figured I would be walking, but to my surprise, I grinded up them and with a bit of energy and knee tendons to spare.

That's the thing I always forget about riding the fixed gear, which I haven't really ridden since last winter: hills are mysteriously at once harder and easier. And much quicker. I think I got home in about 25 minutes tonight. I'll have to start timing and obsessing. Fun fun fun!


Anonymous said...

ah man I want an ice bike, it was slippy this morning!

Apertome said...

I am envious of your commute. I have been working from home since we moved, and I miss commuting! I am in the process of looking for work, which could mean a new commute, or it could mean a lot more working from home. I'm going to have to build in a habitual daily ride, commute or no. I miss the routine.

Klay said...

Who said you could go to Madeleine's without me?