Friday, December 26, 2008

Too deep

This snow is too deep to pedal through. And even trying to ride where cars have mashed down the snow is hard. The front wheel just won't stay put. I've been doing a lot of sidewalk riding. But really not much riding at all. A friend offered to let me borrow his Pugsley for a couple days while he went out of town and I ended up turning him down, since we were supposed to be gone today and the next few days. We're postponing our trip due to weather, so I wish I would've gone and picked it up.

I finally broke down and bought some cross country skis. I wish I could get into walking, but it just doesn't do it for me. The skis should show up at REI on Monday.

Somehow I ended up at the Pear Tree Inn at mid-day today on the way to the store. I had a double bourbon over ice. That helped a bit. By the time I got home, our neighborhood had been plowed. Yay! Now if the snow can just hold off a bit - that would be great... But alas, wunderground says more snow on the way, though temps will be in the 30s this weekend.


Hank Greer said...

I can empathize, John. Although I got some riding in there were a few unplowed spots where I had to trudge along and push the bike. Kind of reminds me of my mountain biking days. Only without the mountain.

Ken Paulman said...

At some point last week, I wasn't so much "riding" the bike as "bringing it with me."

But that first snowfall on Wednesday, though - the light, dry powder - was seriously the most fun I think I've ever had on a bike.

Pat S said...

Funny, I was at the park with the dog today (had to walk there :-( and got all fired up about the XC ski tracks, like I do every year. So I was headed down to look at skis, primed for an impulse buy, but stopped myself again. Just feels like I am grasping for something to replace cycling rather than actually wanting to ski. Maybe when you post about how much fun it is, that will put me over the edge.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain as well. My riding of late (aside from like one day between storms when the side streets were plowed) has consisted of riding north on Hatch to 43rd and then back to my house.

That's a shame about the Pugsley, hopefully you'll get another opportunity to try it out this winter. I'm curious to see one in action in this kind of snow. If winters like this become the norm Surly could be our only hope.

Ken, I was actually wishing I had ridden my bike Wednesday because getting back up the South Hill by car was so ridiculously time consuming.

EvilElf said...

I tried too, John. I've been walking to work (a little over an hour). It's not as much fun as riding, but there are some interesting things to see.

Broke out the X-Country skis on Christmas. I think it's been about 5 years since I've done that. I am as good/bad at since last time. I think you will enjoy.

This snow sure drives home the logic of (if you have the choice) living close to work, entertainment, groceries and the liquor store. I haven't driven for a couple of weeks.

How has the kick sled thing been working?

RJ said...

I'll be posting about this blog soon, but I thought this link would be timely for you:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Iditabike week!

By chance I also found an account written by a miner who biked to Nome during the 1890s Gold Rush along the sled dog trail--from the pix looks like he had a fixie. Some hilarious quotes...I'll try to post here later.


Apertome said...

That's a lot of snow! We had a bunch, but it has almost all melted now and it's supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow! Madness.

I've been snowshoeing a few times this past week and it's been a lot of fun. Now I'm waiting for more snow so I can go again! Skiing can be even more fun, I think.