Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm in internet purgatory. And I'm still getting used to my new phone. So set your expectations even lower than normal.
In the meantime, go to the spovangalist blog to get info on the latest mm community project.


Pat S said...

Don't get all cryptic on us, John. You can't just toss a term like 'internet purgatory' out there and not expect a cradle Catholic to clamor for details.

Is that the official Park Tools mascot?

Unknown said...

Looks like the subtle weirdness of an iPhone post.

John Speare said...

Pat: i was without internet connection at home. Hopefully we'll get it back tomorrow. This is related to moving my office. So, I had to use my new phone to post.

Sean: nope. No iphone. It's an HTC diamond: a poorly executed knock off of the ipod. My work bought it for me... takes great pics though.