Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doing stuff

I've been out. And I've been doing stuff. But nothing interesting or particularly blog-worthy. There is a bar you know.

I've been digging Pat's rack posts.

I'm trying to talk Liza into doing some posts or at least more video posts.

I blew away about 4 months worth of bike pictures this week when I installed a new OS on my laptop. Dammit!

I hung out with Alex a bit this week and saw the v2 rack for my cycle truck. It's stainless. It has a U-lock holder. It rules. Hard.

After cyclocross tomorrow, come by the Pedals2People annual meeting. It's at our house. We'll have food. RSVP is nice, but not required. There's a bunch of P2P stuff going on right now. It's one of those exciting scary big change times.

If you've not voted, please do. This city needs Jon and Amber for any hope at a happy, sane future. I 1033 needs to go away and I can't believe that R 71 is even on the ballot, but it is, so we must approve it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, there IS a bar.

And that bar's name is Bennidito's.

Buy you a beer, bro?

Bring Elmer!