Sunday, October 11, 2009

Farewell trusty Xtracycle

Maddie and Liza rolling on the Xtree, nearly 4 years ago.

Click pic to read more about this bike.

Of all the bikes I have built up right now, the Xtracycle is the oldest. I got it at the beginning of 2005. Maddie spent a bunch of time riding the front of this bike. It's been a great bike and it's helped to illustrate for us just how easy it is to haul lots of daily stuff without a car, which in turn, allowed us to be nearly car free for a year or so.

For about the last year and half, it's been loaned out to different friends.

I picked it up from the last borrowers this morning so that I could take it apart. I'm going to use many of the parts on the cargo bike. As for the frame, I'm going to stash it away for a while. It's a neat frame. I may make it a single speed for tooling around the trails. Or I may build it into something else. But for now, it will hang in my basement.

As I disassembled the bike this morning, I found a couple chestnuts. The rear cassette was super loose, as were the bearings in the rear hub. I didn't realize that the hub on the back was a re-spaced Shimano 600. It's pretty shot. I'll rip it apart this afternoon and see if the cups are pitted as I suspect that they will be.

The headset was stiff. I attempted to adjust it but couldn't get it just right. I discovered why when I took it apart.

The Xtracycle attachment will go on another bike. If you live in Spokane and you want to buy this, let me know. I'll sell it with the bags for $100. There's plenty of life in it, though the snap deck is well-weathered. I won't ship it.

If you want the high zoot Val kickstand, it's an extra $50. More on the high zoot kickstand at the bottom of this page.


Rachel said...

Oh how I want to buy your xtra!

I'm just starting a new job on Tuesday, so I won't have any money until that first paycheck comes in (no idea when that will be). If someone else doesn't snatch this up (which I assume they will), then I'd just love to buy it in a few weeks!

How old was Madie when she started riding on it? My child is still way too young (15 months), but I hope to move from the trailer to having her ride on an xtra.

John Speare said...

Hey Rachel -- I wish I had a bunch of these used xtracycles to sell. A buddy of mine called me about an hour after I posted and bit. Sorry.

Maddie was about 2 years old when she first rode on there. I'm not sure of her exact age. She started in a little seat on the front of the bike. See here.

I think that as soon as she's old enough to sit up and hold on, she's old enough. See that link above for more goings-on that explains why I prefer "front loading" the kid.

Unknown said...

Hey Rachel, you might be interested in our child seat: PeaPod LT. Read more about it here:

Cheers and ride on!

Jon said...

Hi there,
Just stumbled on your blog. Glad to hear your Xtracycle got so much love. I acquired a Surly Big Dummy about a month ago and it's amazing how useful it's been in such a short amount of time.

I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell the center stand to someone out of town. I'd be happy to pay for shipping. My email is the [at]

EvilElf said...

Kinda makes me a little sad, John. I am about ready to go winter mode and quit riding mine. maybe a couple of more weeks?

I fixed that handle bar stem problem with a vise, a mallet and a hammer.

I am glad your free radical is going to a good home.

Rachel said...

John, major bummer!!! (But I'm not really surprised, getting your hands on an xtra for only $100? That's quite a deal.)

If you know anyone else who ends up trying to sell theirs, you can let them know they have a buyer right here!

It will be a long time before I can afford to buy one new.