Saturday, October 31, 2009

First video attempt

Liza and Elmer's simple video was a hit, so I figured I'd horn in on that action and over-do it with a fancy video. Note the fade and music and credits. Hmm? Hmm?

But the bummer is, even with the fancy effects, the actual content is damn boring. Especially compared to Liza's simple and authentic moment that she so effortlessly captured.

I'll start attaching my camera to the bars on my bike for normal rides. I spent a week trying to make the camera work on my helmet. I couldn't get the angle right. It was hard to watch without feeling a bit queasy. Plus I've already got a light zip-tied on my helmet. So adding the camera added too much weight and out-nerded my already-to-high nerd threshold.

Anyway, my hope is that given enough hours of footage, I'll stumble (or crash) into something interesting. If I do, I'll set it to music and show it here.

Here's what I was carrying in the video:

The load was tall enough to interfere with steering, so I had to set it way out, which is not ideal for handling, but the bike still did well. The load was about 30 pounds.


Pat S said...

Actually, that section where you're heading down 10th was pretty riveting, wondering if the brakes would hold with that big 'ol load up front and whether you'd blow that stop sign and get nailed by a guy in an SUV. Had to cover my eyes at the critcal moment. Glad the brakes held.

Hank Greer said...

May I suggest a basket containing a small dog while playing the music associated with that nasty Almira Gulch for your next project? :-)

It's interesting that your camera doesn't shake that much. My attempts at mounting the camera on my bike did not go well so I go hand held. That's probably not advisable while riding with a 30 pound load on the front.

EvilElf said...

Very nice! Great music and the footage really shows how FUN it is to commute by bicycle.

Michael said...

This guy:
Does a lot of cycling helmet-cam stuff.

Klay said...

totally awesome!