Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can you identify these two dudes?

From a guy named Todd. Via DB.

From: Todd
Date: December 14, 2009 4:25:37 PM PST
To: David Blaine
Subject: google street view

Pretending you know every bicyclist in town,
I'm sending you this link to see if you can identify
the guy here

And then there's
this guy behind him

I'm sure they're your friends so I just had to alert you.


Mountain bike guy

I don't know these guys, but I've figured out the story.

My story is that the guy on the mountain bike just proposed to the tri-guy's daughter, and the tri-guy is taking the mountain bike guy out for a beating.

Do you know these guys? Or can you come up with a better story for the ride they took on the day they were immortalized forever on Google Street View?

Weds night bike nerd hang at South Perry Pizza. Tonight. 5:30.


Jason Gilman said...

I ride that section of road fairly often (although not as much as I just ride up Rockwood), but I don't know those guys either.

Klay said...

Ha! When I first read that I skipped over the "daughter" and read that the first guy proposed to the other guy and then took him out for a beating - I was like,"why would he do that?"

I wonder if Richard will know who they are? One of them looks familiar to me

RJ said...

[Jumping up and down and clapping] Is Google finally mapping BIKE PATHS???!

Or is this a street?

John Speare said...

We have a potential ID on the tr-guy. More on that as it develops.

RJ: no, it's a street.