Monday, December 21, 2009


Glen and I rode a pair o Pugsleys (Pugsli?) on Friday. The guys at Vertical Earth in Coeur d'Alene rent these bikes by the day.

I've been wanting to do this forever. The snow was mushy and sloppy. Having 4 inch tires didn't really benefit us for these conditions. We couldn't get a good bite for climbing and descending was like a sled. The giant contact patch of the 4" tire didn't really help in the control and steering department.

We both wrecked. We both hurt ourselves. But we both had a good time. We're looking forward to trying again when it's colder and when the snow is packed down by snow mobile tracks.


Anonymous said...

That last picture says it all.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, those are some nasty conditions. Canfield Mtn?
I hope you get a better chance to try out a fatty bike without waiting until next year.
"We both wrecked. We both hurt ourselves. But we both had a good time." --Nice quote :)


alex wetmore said...

Great that you found a place to rent them! I love that last photo.

Michael said...

Yeah, the last photo is great.

erik said...

looks like a wonderful time!

Spokane Bike Winter said...

Great post. I'm fascinated with those big-ass tires. Are the wheels bigger too, or just standard?

Anyway, I'm gonna try to ride all winter. My setup's totally DIY - hex screws in regular tires, etc.

I started a post about my winter bike experiences, but haven't had any epic rides due to the dearth of snow.

All winter baby.