Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moving P2P

The Armada -- Rear: John, Ryan, John, Pat, Ben, Taylor, Joe, Travis, Billl, Drew. Middle: Justin. Front: JT, Wes, Beth, Mike, Liza. Where's Nate?

There's more info on the P2P happenings on the Pedals2People blog. We moved the shelving out last week. Today we moved all the stuff down to the new space. We got an armada of help. The plan was to meet at the garage at 1PM. I was thinking it would take three hours or so. As it turns out, the garage was empty in an hour! Crazy.

There's Gnate.

The shop is coming together and it's pretty exciting. We need to get the stuff all organized. And we need to figure out the hours. The thinking now is that we'll attempt 3 days a week --four hours or so a day. If things roll well, then we should be able to add a day or two in the spring. Freaky stuff.

Joe and his big load o wheels

Here's my first post on P2P from May of 2007.

Justin sweeping out the empty garage

Maddie's custom double-cup-drinking-straw. Made with custom drawn seamless triple butted straws.


Jerome said...

triple butted, but are they splined also?? ;)

Pondero said...

You must be a great guy to deserve having Maddie around.

Ken Paulman said...

I'm going to guess there probably won't be any alley time trials at the new location...