Monday, December 21, 2009

Last (drunkard) bike hang of the year

Alex with his fancy new bike. Super fancy. And Rory's Lyon. Pic by Rory.

My buddy Don is a musician. He had a girlfriend once who figured out an interesting thing. That interesting thing is that one of the best nights of the year to do a show is Christmas Eve's eve. The 23rd of December is probably one of the best party nights of the year and likely the most understated. Everyone is home for the holidays, they want to get away, and they likely have the following day off of work.

Well, that's the deal this Weds night. It's the 23rd: Christmas Eve's eve. We'll be doing our bike nerd hang at Huckleberries at 5:30 PM. The bike hangs have been fun. On the "slow"nights we have around 8 people. On the "big" nights we have around 20. All nerds. All talking bike stuff (with the occasional political rant).

This is likely the last good night of bike nerd drinking for a few months. I may just be speaking for myself, but my January bike nerd hangs will be all about drinking tea and water and other low calorie/sugar drinks. I've caught at least one other bike nerd attempting to order a light beer lately, so I suspect I'll not be alone.

So, come one, come all, for the last bike nerd drunkard hang of the year. This Wednesday. 5:30 PM at Huck's.



Bob Rees said...

wish I could be there - I think I was around back when the original Christmas Eve's Eve was hatched. Enjoying your blog today.


John Speare said...

hey Bob -- good days they were. This time of year makes me think of the MD winter days and the ice storm...