Monday, April 12, 2010

Bike Candy

Glen C. did me an honest yesterday evening, drilling out, with a steady hand, the remnants of a cable adjuster that had bonded inextricably with the tandem frame. He also managed to scrounge up some simichrome, the toothpastey-wonder of the metal polishing world, which I put to use today.
PS I miss the bike hang.


Pat S said...

Justin, you got off easy. Last time I was there, he plied me with beer and made me hold a piece of metal while he heated it with his torch. Then he sprayed it with some freaky chemical and told me "you won't feel a thing". Which I didn't, but I will be happy to show you my scars.

stevep33 said...

What is the item in the lower picture on the left side?

Justino said...

It's a Phil Wood disk brake - on this bike, it's mounted on the front wheel and activated with a stem-mounted suntour bar-end shifter. Weird, and we'll see how it works when the bike's built.