Friday, April 30, 2010

Hire a cyclist

This is cycling related how?

Scott McSpadden is a local bike racer. Brother of Taylor. And a great GC. He's thorough, meticulous, fair, clean, and does what he says he's gonna do.

He just finished our downstairs bathroom. This is my bathroom. Here's the before:

See where that mirror is? Under that was an old window. We needed more light and I like annoying stark random blasts of color first thing in the morning. Scott delivered. Dig it:

We found a bunch of tile at the Habitat for Humanity store. Turns out the tile was made here in Spokane.

I also have a small wall mounted heater so I can hang/dry clothes after wet rides. Not pictured.

Next up, he's going to work on some stairs, and some basement rooms. And then the finale... wait for it... a sauna! F YEAH! For those miserable 35F and wet rides where you stay cold to the bone even after a 1/2 hour shower. Only a sauna can do you right. Yes!


Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. Great use of materials, light, color, and the small space.

EvilElf said...

Beautiful!!! I have installed a lot of that tile from habitat. Went over to see where it was made near Felts Field.

When you get ready to do your sauna, let me know. You can come over and give ours a try. Put it in a couple of years ago. If you're interested, I can show you how the whole thing went up. I took a lot of pictures.

John Speare said...

Dr Evil: thanks. I'll probably take you up on that. You were actually the guy who put the sauna seed in the fertile mud of my brain.

meade said...

looks like a nice job of tile work...I've laid the tiles in my house and it can be fun, interesting, work and frustrating...

are you going to have a shower curtin which loops around the shower?