Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busted chain, new project, stuff and other stuff, etc

The Kent-Peterson-Shadow-Photo. Every bike blogger is required to take this shot at some point. I think this is my second, but I'm too lazy to go and try and find the other.

Patrick, of Scoop fame, rockin Deno road.

Broken chain. Oh the horror! The totally unfixable bike failure.

I rule! I've been carrying chain breakers for years! And I rarely get to feel that smug satisfaction of having one when I really need one. I got that feeling on Sunday. Fixed it up and rode home. It's a shame I was less than a mile from home. And there was no one around to appreciate it or be impressed. Hence, the blog. Yes!

Rad dude on High Drive trails with kid on a tow-a-bike. So cool. Nicely done dad.

Justino and Kira -- hauling kid. On the new tandem. Steve (?) looking on. This picture does not do justice to the extreme shine that the bike puts out upon reflection in the sun. Justin was a buffing fool. That Erickson shines. The paint, the chrome, even the aluminum shined.

District 2 Councilman Snyder showing extreme satisfaction with his new rear rack. The best off-the-self-rear-rack in the history of human kind: the Tubus Fly. But ANY rear rack would be an improvement of that awfully mounted turd of a crime of a rack he had on there before.

Next upgrade in the hopper for Jon: generator lighting solution.

Teaser. New project on the way. It's a 'tweener project, to hold me over until Mr Copus is done with my Gifford. I gotta get back on those Hetres and Mr. Copus' queue is pretty full at the moment.

I put rear brakes on the latest version of the Trek 720. I'm diggin the platforms, the internal hub. Good setup. I think I'll put fatter Pasalas on there though. I'd like a tad more cush.

Oh. Another hint... sneaky!


Bill Foss said...

A cornucopia!

I know what you mean about shadow pictures. It is obligatory:


Nice rack Councilman Snyder!!!!

As usual, an awesome post. Inspirational and makes me smile! Thank you.

Joe said...

Good call on the chain tool! I've carried one for 11 years and I finally got to use one last year on a winter night ride in the woods. I was probably only about 2 or 3 miles from home too, but fixing the chain was better than pushing a Big Dummy home in the snow at night. I fired up my alcohol stove and boiled water for coffee while I worked on the chain.

Joe in Iowa

Justino said...

OMG! Could it be that there hasn't been a drop of grease in the BB shell of that teaser frame? Is it brand spankin'?

Anonymous said...

Trail comes in a tube?

Terry said...

I'd be interested to hear how you are liking that Jtek bar end shifter.

John Speare said...

John Foss: nice obligatory shadow photo. Really slimming.

Joe: Coffee while fixing the chain. Nice. I knew I forgot something!

Justino: indeed. New.

Anon: "trail comes in a tube" -- man, I've reread the post a couple times and I'm just not following.

Terry: I've had the Jtek for a couple years. No complaints. Except to complain to Shimano for not making one. What the hey?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that cardboard tube marked "30 mm trail"?

If trail comes in a tube, does rake come in a box?

John Speare said...

Anon: got it! That tube is not cardboard. It is a steerer tube connected to a fork. The fork, when paired with the frame it was built with, makes for 30mm of trail.

Anonymous said...

Just messing with you.

I don't think you should be so down on shadow pictures, just because they've been done before.

I mean, breathing, sex, and IPA's have all been done before too, and no one apologizes for doing them again.