Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The tandem lives!

"Soooo. How would you feel about riding...a tandem?!" Said Justin with a hint of glee and ounce of trepidation.
"No," replied Kira.
"Shoot. Well, I'm driving out to Spangle to check out this..."
"How are you going to pay for it?"
"Well, I thought that I could sell some stuff later and..."
"How are you going to pay for it now, today?"
2 months pass. As well as many hints and seeds of tandemness dropped throughout.
Kira: "Hmmm. I suppose I could give that tandem riding a try. Maybe we could..."
Me: "REALLY!? REALLY!!!??? I have to go out to the garage. Right Now. Bye."
Which brings us to today. And this:

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alex wetmore said...

There are some nice parts on that bike. I've never seen an Arai drum brake mounted up front. I hope you guys enjoy it, my wife and I have been riding a tandem for almost 13 years and it's been great for us (with some bickering now and then too).