Monday, May 17, 2010

Addendum: Fort Spokane

One of the few moments when the bicycles commingled on the trip - here John opened up my world to the prophylactic wonder of ibuprofen. Pusher.

We wrongly assumed the sign referred to the more obvious of the spigots and had to search a few more feet to find the streams of living water.

Dinner. Warm(er) salami (Oh, the horror of exercise-induced ham burps!), warm(er) string cheese, Powerade (pink flavor).

And here, my view of John for most of the day. In my mind, I'd try to determine how many miles he'd be ahead of me by our next stop. I believe he generously gave me the space of solitude for this, my first bicycle ride of longer than 50 miles at a stretch. Truly. Fracking. Hard.


Michael said...

The blue bike is looking really good. What is the setup?

John Speare said...

Michael, that's the 747. It's the nicest bike I've ever owned. I put the tubus lowrider on it just for this ride. I was surprised at how much the rack stiffened up the front of the bike. Not in a good way, the forks (w/out the rack) really soak up a lot of vibration.

Component-wise, the bike is a pretty standard John build, the only interesting bits may be the indexed 8 spd DT shifters and 45/28compact double.