Friday, May 21, 2010

Pacenti Pari-Motos are here

These are high-zoot tires.

I've not ridden them enough to really carry on about them yet, but after a quick spin around town, it's clear that these are nice tires.

I am a shameless lover of the Hetre and with the Pari-Motos I'm feeling a battle for my affection coming on.

Pacenti calls them "event tires." Which means fast, but I think it's may also be a coded warning that means "prone to puncture." Which I don't care about. Tires are easy to change. And super-supple fancies like these barely require a tire lever.

Be sure that I'll have more to say on these as time goes on. I'm still trying to figure out a way to dial in this Kogswell. I need to fuss with the stem length.

Here's what you get at Taste for riding your bike to work this week. I think today is the last day. Just ride there and bring your helmet and you get a cookie!


Anonymous said...

What's a high zoot tire?

Does it have something to do with zoot suits?

Rachel said...

I picked up one of those cookies on Wednesday. Yum, yum, it was good — especially for free!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I thought the other reason (in addition to being less puncture resistant) they are called event tires is that they wear out faster, too. I, too, don't fear flats much. But if it's a trade-off between comfort and longevity, I'll tend toward the longevity side.