Wednesday, May 19, 2010

June 19 Hang- Save the date

Bike hang season is long past.

But on June 19th, at my house, we're going to have a hang.

June 19th is a Saturday. It will be an afternoon thing. I'll have some beer; it will be good and it will be plentiful. But let's potluck the food.

You are invited if:

- You are a bike rider that likes to nerd out and talk bike stuff. Or just a bike rider that likes to hang out with bike nerds. If you know me, then you know that "bike rider" is literally defined as someone who rides a bike sometimes. It's not code for any sub-genre of bike culture (e.g., racer, fixed gear hipsta, advocacy nut jobber, traditional bike club curmudgeon, etc); all are welcome.

- You have been to my house before. Or if you are with a bikey friend that has been to my house before.

The reason?

Well, Justin really misses the hangs, so this is partly for him.


But I miss the hangs too and it's summer. And summer, bikes, and beer go together like peas, carrots, and the FBC.

And, my buddies Alex and Larry will be in town.

Alex and Larry.

It will be a lovely warm afternoon hang. Let's shoot for 5pm or so.

Don't expect to see reminders here.


DMax said...

Can guys on Motorized Bikes (under 1300 CC's) attend?

John Speare said...

David: yes, we'll make an exception in your case. And we'll have a space in the tree house reserved for you guys. Very plush accommodations. We'd let you have a downstairs room, but the downstairs is ripped apart at the moment...