Thursday, May 27, 2010

A day in pictures

My plan was to take a bunch of pictures today, then pick out the best one and post it here. None of them are worthy of standing on their own, so I'll post a bunch. With commentary. Lucky you!

Many layers of nerdom: Rainlegs atop knee warmers. It rained heartily most of the day.

The Shop.

The plastic on the crotch area of my Rainlegs has finally given up the ghost. Generally speaking, that's a pretty unfortunate area to fail.

It's all delaminated. I sent an email to Rainleg people and they assured me that this issue has been resolved in the 2 years since I bought these. I love em, so I'll try another pair, but if they fail like this in two years, our relationship is over! Plus, I can always make my own. It doesn't rain that much here -- I probably use these 15 or so times a year... so that's a pretty quick failure in my book.

Until I decided to post all these mediocre pictures, this was the single picture that I was going to post. I was on my way out of the office when I had to run back up the stairs and get my keys. On the way back down I saw this scene... I like the shadow of me brooding on the wall. Too bad the bike/door area isn't more clear and crisp.

This one looks fast. Even though the end of the tunnel is all washed out and lame, I like how this picture kind of shows movement.

My favorite restaurant. My favorite bike. You can just make out the photographer in the reflection.

It's time to put a roof on the tree house. Thanks to Pat, I have a design that makes sense to me. I need to get the wood, horn in on Pat's fancy tools, and set aside a weekend to knock this sucker out. I'm excited to do that, but I don't see a weekend free until end of June! Shite. I'll probably end up fitting it in the butt-ends of my days and ways.

Tonight was the last night of a P2P wheelbuilding class. Matt, owner of the knuckles in this picture, had a high-zoot 28-spoke racing wheel, laced 2-cross. Last night, Matt and I thought we had it all laced up and ready to tension and true for tonight's class. But alas, we had it strung wrong. Thank god for Glen "the rock star" Copus. He saved us. Again.

See that? That's Glen smiling. That's his, "my job here is done" smile. Matt's happy too.

We've decided to do another wheel class offering: a one-night, single wheel build class. Likely $30 + wheel bits. Probably 3 hours. Our current 3 night, 2-wheel class is a big time and money commitment. If we decide to do the cheaper one-nighter, we'll announce it on the P2P blog.


Hank Greer said...

Very nice "go to the light" shot.

rory said...

i wanna throw in my 2 cents about the roof. I think it should be made out of canvas, the same material used for boat awnings:
you could use cotton duck, but i think this would be better. the best part is that it would be "retractable" in the event of a clear summer night.

John Speare said...

thanks Hank.

Hey Rory --

Yeah. the convertable roof was my thinking for a while. the snow/winter part throws a wrench into that, though it's not unsolvable. Right now, I'm thinking traditional pitched roof wiht a "hatch" door type piece. one of the best parts of the tree house is that it's really in the trees so it's really cool to sit in there and stare up at the trees -- we want a way to preserve that Ewok Village feeling.