Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last year I made this mess: But I never really had a use for it, it was really just another 700c road bike. Plus the bottom bracket was pretty high, because I tilted the seat tube back to 73 from the 74.5 it was built with. So I borrowed some 650b wheels from John and undertook the conversion. It was easy, all it took was alittle bit of this:

A pair of these: (I shortened the bolts and rethreaded them for the smooth recessed look because, you know, details count)

And I wound up with this. It's better. Lots. The bb hieght is now a nice low 10.5", kind of a good number for me to be able to put a toe on the ground at a stop, steering feels much lighter and more precise, (I can turn some pretty fast lap times in my workshop) and I feel like I'm sitting in the bike rather than way up on top of it. Initial test rides are great, although I've already fallen 3x within a block of my house. Smooth tread tires and snow...anybody surprised?

The Jan approves.
I know tons of people have already done this swap, so nothing new under the sun, but if it pans out to be as great as it feels initially, I can forsee a custom fork and some braze-ons for the centerpulls.
Bike Hang; same time, same place. I'll try and bring something interesting . You should too...

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