Wednesday, December 1, 2010


39F. Deep wet slush. I'm sidewalk riding.
I hope these conditions hold through tomorrow. I'm picking up a Pugs at 10am.
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Dylan said...

Awesome. Are you renting/borrowing/buying?

Thanks again for inviting me along on your snow ride last week. I'm having snow withdrawls over here.

John Speare said...

Borrowing. But it's a dangerous slippery slope.

It was fun riding with you.

The slush pines for you.

Anonymous said...

John, I haven't been riding much, not since ThxGvng night and I was feeling lame reading your posts. I rode this afternoon thru E. Central and was wondering ...HOW???. I ended up on the sidewalk, street, yard, etc..I was glad to read you've been on the sw too. Wade

Jerome said...

Dude, I one more bike bloggers buys a pug, I think it'll be more than I can take and I'll up and buy one too.

Just reading and watching others with them is a dangerous slippery slope.

.....I hope you get one!

Geoff said...

She was dropped-off tonight and she is a sub-40 pound (with pedals)beauty. See you tomorrow.

Rachel said...

Wow, you are fortunate to have consistently cleared sidewalks to be able to ride on!
It was main roads for me, and walking the last two blocks of sidestreets. I'm curious how the Pugsley will be because even the cars were having trouble getting around in this stuff last night.