Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goals for the week

I've been putting off a ton of bikey fixes over the last couple months.

I love bikes but having so many can be a pain in the maintenace department. Over the last few years I enjoy working on bikes less and less. So I'm going to batch these up and go hang out with Glen. Fixing bikes can be fun with friends, beer, and a warm shop. I think that's one of the reason we got P2P rolling.

I have the next week off. Here's my ambitious list. In semi-priority order.

- remove front rack, finish building new rack
- replace front brake

Liza's XO1
- dial in front index shifting/replace front derailluer

- swap bar-ends for old 8-speed brifter set up that i've had laying around for 6 months

- cut and fit new fork
- figure a better front fender solution

- swap out captain's drops for Albatross bars

CX bike:
- replace rear rim/build wheel
- swap out lame-arse rear brake with something that stops
- prepare/mount tubular tire

- re-tape bar ramps

- drop Maddie's old Miyata at friends
- Maddie's Giant: remove fancy Schwalbe big apple and replace with cheap knobbie
- remove headset from blue RB-T and prepare it for selling
- calculate spoke length for another wheel project and order spokes

Powder coating list:
- rack (everything is waiting behind this)
- Cargo forks
- cargo front light bracket
- Elephant rear light bracket

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