Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work horse

There's no glamour in being the "good enough" bike in the garage. Especially when your inner secrets have been revealed and ridiculed to a cold bike clan waiting to pounce on any weakness in your mythical narrative.

But, by gum, there's something to be said for a bike that just puts out. Today the ice is giving way to slush. The arterials are clean and in some cases actually dry. But there's no fun in riding arterials banked with snow.

So, I need to ride in slush, and on pavement, and on ice, and through snow. The ideal bike for today has the following attributes... in this order: fenders, knobbies, fattish rubber, and studs. The MB-2 comes through again. And it's got easy lights. And easy load hauling. As a single speed, it's just simple no fuss loving. What's not to love?

Who cares if the tubes are barely held together by poorly brazed lugs? This bike has proved itself. I've been abusing it for years. Snyder had a go at it for 2 years with the Xtracycle hooked up to it. That guy can abuse stuff!

So long live the MB2! It rules.

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Unknown said...

Hey, I am checking out bike scenes on blogs like yours. Can't travel to all destinations. Winter biking is something I've done for years. 1976 lived in Spokane for a couple summer months. Glad to see there are active cyclist in the winter outdoors. See my blog, I just started and getting a voice. Also into photography so have some winter post already. I'll check back,