Saturday, May 21, 2011

1st S24O o' 11

May 20th is pretty late in the year to take the 1st overnighter. In 2010, I went in April. I think in 2009, the first was actually May 25th, but I may have taken one earlier and not noted it on the blog. 2008 was a banner year, Brent and I got out there in early March. It was a long haul, and it snowed a bit. 2007 was May.

Anyway. Jon, Jordy, Pat, Rachel, Justin, and I went a super quick  overnighter last night. We left Rocket Market on 43rd at about 6:45, rode a few miles south, camped, hung, ate, slept, and were at Hogan's having breakfast by 8:15 this morning. Not bad.
Puffy light stuff (down quilt, pad, bivvy) in the back.
 All the rest (clothes, food, beer) in the front.
Like an inverse mullet.

Rachel. Pat, yo.

Jon: happy camper.



Day-glow Justin and Pat. Justin's hat was attracting bugs like a light.
But here, they're pondering why they didn't each pack a Ten Fidy.


Dan O said...

That's cool - looks fun. Gotta plan something that for myself.

Bryan B said...

Pat be representin', yo.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you all used sleeping bags. You think your so hot.