Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's cross season. And other stuff.

This incriminating photo is posed. She didn't do this!
 Maddie found the spray paint that was used to vandalize this bridge in a ditch.
She came home and used the paint to mark the inside of her tree house.

I'm tired of my clot and tired of talking about it.

I'm riding to work, which is wonderful. And generally taking easy/moderate rides. Soon I'll be taking harder rides. Overall I'll be sticking to the rules outlined here.


Since I can't ride cross, I plan on being a hanger-on. Tonight for the practice session, I raked. And took some photos.

First race is this Saturday at 7-mile airstrip. My goal is to take some photos. And hang out. I'll be riding out there. Moderately of course. On the Centennial Trail.

If you want to ride along, I'll be departing from the Sandifur Bridge at 10 to make the first race at 10:30.

Midnight Century finishers!
I got some envelopes. If you finished the Midnight Century, send me an email with your mailing address and I'll send you a finisher card. My email is john at phred dot org.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming out and supporting. Hope you can ride "more" soon. Chris

rory said...

as cyclocross support, your job, as well as taking photos, is to bring a small charcoal grill for sausages, saurkraut, and other fixings. like cream cheese.

you should take this task very seriously. and dont forget the cowbell.

John Speare said...

Rory: why do you always have such good ideas?

That's a great one. And I'm always looking for a reason to ride the cycle truck...

rory said...

thats easy. i steal them.

Michael said...

Speaking of 'cross have guys seen the Joey's Ok clip?