Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cyclocross at 7-mile

Opener was today. Even though I didn't race, I had a pretty good time.
Bill arrives for his first race.
Steph. Rocking the run-up.

Mark and Scott. Well-matched.

Glen portaging beers and brats.


Camp Run-up

Brian. That color is "Kawasaki Green"

Jon's first race.

1994 RB-T. (Phil's)

John Stone.
3rd in Cat 4.

Dig Tom's smile. This is nearing the end of his second race.

Jon. Jordy looking on.

Bill wrecked in a magnificent ball of dust and glory on a fast corner. Then sprinted to beat this guy at the finish line.

Hank (his camera took all these pics)

Louie. (Pic by Hank.)


Anonymous said...

Damn! Looks like a good time was had by all. I think Glen has the best form though. Way to rock the cooler! Wade

mechBgon said...

Good to see Tom's back in one piece again! He had an injury in the XC races this summer.

Jon said...

I like the blog! I am new to blogging, and would like to refer to yours on my site. Check it out if you want, I'm not much of a cyclist, but would love to have input from someone who is.

Nice work,

Rachel said...

Boy, this post looks like a plug for Elephant bikes!

Jon, how was the first CX race?

John Speare said...

Rachel: it is. We had a mission to get lots of Elephant shots for Glen's new website. I should do a blog post that clearly idenifies me as an Elephant shill. I can't be considered an objective source of info where Elephant is concerned.

Jonathan Eberly said...

The first cyclocross race was awesome. Alot of fun. I ate shit, go scrapped up, and about half way through was questioning my sanity and why I would ever pay to do something like this. however, when I was done I realezed how awesome it was and how much I want to do it again.

My riding style to date does not lend itself to cyclocross, think long steady rides vs hard intense short ones, so I will have to adjust that. I rode way to slow, didnt push nearly hard enough, and was content to just feel out my first race. I came in dead last and I'd like if that didnt happen again.


Dan O said...

Cool - looks like fun. 'Cross season is in full swing here in Seattle as well.