Monday, October 24, 2011

Duthie Hill

Fred, Alex, Andrew
I was in Seattle this weekend for a quick trip with Maddie.

While she explored the Space Needle with a pack of cousins, I headed out to Duthie Hill mountain bike park with Alex, Andre, Andrew, Fred, Jimmy, and Lee.
Click for big.
"Ryan's eternal flow" == the bomb.

Duthie Hill was just a big piece of forest until a couple years ago when Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance convinced King County to let them work it into a bunch of trails.
Fred was rocking the new rSogn.

Super super sweet. Amazingly built trails with bitching corners, drainage. From beginner to huge drop stuff. This place is rad. There were even a couple pump tracks. The most complete one was closed for maintenance and the other one appeared to be in process.
Shit picture. But that's a really fun dip that pushes you up a silly steep ramp.
I couldn't land it right -- kept landing on my front wheel. But I want to go back.
The guy flying through the air with the greatest of ease there is Jimmy.
I was pushing to keep up with him on this route.

As usual, riding some awesome place elsewhere, makes me realize how I need to pay attention to what's going on around me here. Vis-a-vis: I need to do stuff with and for the FTTR folk. And I need to spend more time out at Beacon.

speaking of beer.
BIKE HANG - Weds night. 8 PM. Jone's Radiator.
(breaking the "must have good wings" rule, just this once, since the beer quality is so high there).


Travis N said...

What happened to your no dangerous MTB thing for the clot?

John Speare said...

Yes. Thanks Travis. My rules for the day: no drops. Nothing out side my comfort zone. I broke that a tiny tiny bit a couple times on that Ryan's Eternal Flow bit, but nothing I"m ashamed about.

I've taken a couple trail rides in the last few days. I jsut can't not ride trails. But as it turns out, I can ride them sanely and w/out pushing my limited envelope boundaries.

Joe Lotrario said...

La folie. That's the one I mentioned to you.

John Speare said...

Joe -- cool. Did you find that locally? it's damn good.

Dan O said...

Duthie is huge fun - has something for everyone. My son and I hit there often. Cool place.