Friday, October 28, 2011

Temple Road

Bill, Eric, Jon
Elephant, rSogn, LHT, Legolas
The road is in amazing shape. Best ever.


Anonymous said...

I live on Temple - you are right, best ever. Unfortunately, it is raining pretty hard up here right now. Tomorrow Temple might not be so nice anymore.

Anonymous said...

Quick question: what kind of handlebars are on the LHT?

Jonathan Eberly said...

Hey, owner of LHT here. Those bars are origin8 gary bars. Basically a copy of the on-one midge bars.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get notice on comments on old blog posts. Temple Rd is no longer a through road! The county closed it at the bottom of the hill on the Newman Lake side. There is a locked gate and no trespassing signs. There is no notice at the top of the hill that it is closed below. Fortunately I was in a truck and not on a bike when I found that out. It was bad enogh getting turned around and driving out, let alone biking out.