Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Danny and the horses song

With buddy Pat Rick away in the land of the rising sun, I was reminded of the horses song that he'd play occasionally in the early mornings at the Scoop.

I still watch this video at least 2 times a month. With over 27 million hits, clearly, I'm not the only one.

And it still blows me away every time.

I know it's so 2009. I know he's got newer ones. I know this just shows the parts where he's not wrecking.

 But it's so damn good that sometimes when I'm done watching it I'm a tad weepy. The filmer/editor guy is just as talented as Danny. There's a bunch of cool little cinematic details that really show the passion of the guy that filmed/edited it (the observers materializing at 4:15 is probably the most obvious favorite, but I dig the cloud transition at 4:49 and the judicious use of slo-mo throughout, and I see somthing new I like every time I watch it).

The bit at 3:23-3:25 (the bit showing in the still above)  just kills me every time. So seemingly simple and lovely, but so damn difficult.


Anonymous said...

I would of picked that same bit. 3:23. Unbeilievably beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Eh, that's nothing. I commute on Sprague.

Jonathan Eberly said...

I will always remember this video as the first video that made me realize I am a terrible, terrible cyclist and only ride at like 5% of my potential.

He has a new one out where he rides on a suspended chain after having jumped and landed on it. Intense skills..

Michael said...

LOL... Yeah, Danny Macaskill, much more than Lance Armstrong or any other rider, made me realize what a crap rider I am and that I really don't even understand the potential of what can be done on a bike. I love all his videos.