Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bday bike hang - Tuesday

That, of course, is not Nate. That's Joe.
We went on a cold ride this morning.
I can't get enough of the NW Passage on the new bike.
I've been dragging along anyone willing to go on that ride for the last couple weeks.

It's gNate's birthday. And all he wants for his birthday is a bike hang on Tuesday at a place with whiskey.

Who can say no to that?

The plan:
This Tuesday (8th).
Hill's Someplace Else

Duct tape wind block.
Use duct tape to cover up all the air vents in your shoes.
Bill showed me this trick. And it works well.


Not said...

Thanks for the duct tape tip! I have some cheapo shoe covers, but I'm afraid they'd get torn up offroad.
- Ventura

Joe L said...

I'm pretty sure that Bill laughed at me the first time that I did that.

John Speare said...

Joe: funny. I laughed at Bill the first time I saw him in taped shoes.