Thursday, August 1, 2013

Running is the new riding

I'm finally figuring out how to run. I've tried on and off for years, but my knee did funny painful stuff. I talked to an M.D. buddy and he watched me run. We fixed it with warm up, special stretch routine, and post run icing. Plus, I'm running mostly on trails or grass.

Tonight's run was best ever: only about 2 miles, but it felt *good*. My goal has been to have a run that didn't suck, so to run and have it be good is a huge deal.

On the riding front: not enough to finish the MC this year. Not sure if I'll roll out or not. But if I do, I'll likely DNF at Liberty Lake or the Palouse highway.

I'm still trying to square this idea against my self-imposed requirement to just suffer it out. We'll see.


glen said...

first photo; possibly a best ever?

Hank Greer said...

He engaged the warp drive.

Bear said...

John is a runner!

In other news, the Pope is Mormon.

Jerome said...

glad you got it sorted. I love running. somehow the repetitiveness of it almost puts me in a trance some days. enjoy!

Protofontaine said...

Running is to biking, what...
...leather is to lace
...chewing tobacco is to chewing gum
...Chuck Norris is to Chuck E Cheese

Anonymous said...

Running is like riding a fixie, but without all the unecessary mech.

Much easier to trackstand without it.