Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lotta Love Here

I saw this beauty down at Two Wheel Transit today. Someone put some time into this bike: brazed on cables guides and rear-facing drop outs and rear canti posts, fitted 3 piece crank in there, new forks.
Scrounged fenders and 26" alloy wheels.
Great ride.
Silly to say --- I know -- but I see this bike and I see a physical manifestation of love.


bleckb said...

I was at 2 Wheel yesterday too, but I didn't see the bike, or you. What I fell in love with was the Pinarello cyclocross bike hanging in the window! And yeah, seeing the snow this morning made me less than happy, though if I feel up to it, I may eke out a ride this afternoon.

Hank Greer said...

Must've been the designated Two Wheel day. I dropped my bike off at noon at picked it up after 5:00. The rear shifting thingy worked so much better.