Monday, November 24, 2008

CX 08 Wrap Up

Pic shamelessly and permissionlessly taken from Jeff's FBC site.

The last cross race of the Inland NW CX series was on Saturday. Unfortunately, I had to scram as soon as the rookie race ended, so I couldn't watch the A's or hang out for the end-of-season awards. I hope someone took pictures. I'd love to see the podium shots.

All up, I had a great time riding this year. I was nervous going into the season since I didn't really feel that race-worthy, but after the first race I knew that didn't matter. Cross is at once the most miserable, rewarding, and fun experience. I'll never be in good enough shape. You look forward to the race all week, then during the race all you want is for it to end, then when it ends, you wish it were longer and you can't believe it's over.

At the final race on Saturday, I pushed myself harder than I've ever pushed myself at anything. My throat was burning for an hour after the race and I was hacking all of Sunday. I'm ok today. I think everyone was really fired up for the last race, so it was much faster. I was only able to hang on to the lead pack for the first 1/2 lap or so before I felt like I was going to vomit and crap at the same time.

Even after killing myself, I came in 7th. My worse place yet. I wish I could say that I didn't care, because it's all just fun anyway, but I can't. I was really hoping to do better than that.

All up, I came in 7th for the season in the Rookie class.

I achieved the goal of not coming in DFL for the season, so really I am satisfied with my first year of CX. This was a good milestone in some grand plan that I've not yet nailed down.

There's next year. My goal this year was to race rookie and not come in DFL. Next year it will be to race B and not come in DFL. Hopefully we'll see Team Fred grow a bit too.

I feel the need to thank some people: Thanks to Marla and Michael Emde for putting this on. This is a ton of work and they're not going to be millionaires any time soon doing this stuff. Thanks to Shawn Leston, who pushed me a couple times this season to step it up; I really appreciate that. Michael Ward: you pushed too in each race; I look forward to racing with you again next year. Mark Knokey and Mike Sirott are just nice guys who shattered the racer-roadie stereotype I still sort of clung to. Nice guys all. And to the inaugural Team Fred roster: Stuart, Jon, Patrick, and Travis (honorary). Maddie cheers helped the most; thanks Liza.

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