Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New to me rail trail

Since I had my honkin fat knobbies on my Rawland in preparation for snow, I figured it would be fun to go find some dirt and trails today. I rarely find new stuff, so today was a banner day. This rail trail is probably well-known to most mountain biker types, but it's new to me.

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It's a nice loop. You enter on the Riverside State Park part, go up to the grade using the never-ending-infinite-loop that is "Trail 25." Just stay on the grade. There are no fences, no blocked anything.

You pop out at Euclid and Old Trail Road. Which was a surprise to me. Here's a photo at that intersection:

Last February, I found my self at the same spot and took the same picture.

My full coroplast fender didn't last long on the front wheel. I sheered it off a few days ago messing around on the Highdrive trails. These big tires throw a lot of gunk. My coat and pants took a lot of mud/water/dirt today. So, I went back to my old standby coroplast front fender design:

Not as great of coverage, but it keeps the majority of gunk off of me, if not my cranks/bb area.


Anonymous said...

The Rawland is trying to reject the coroplast, somehow it knows....

Anonymous said...

finding new trails is one of the best things about cycling!