Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ice Bike

Last week I built up my snow bike.

Tonight, I finished building up my ice bike. I toyed with the idea of doing a 2-speed internal coaster ice bike this year, but in the end I decided to go with what I've been doing for the past few years. A simple fendered, studded, fixed gear bike is great on the ice.

This year, since I have the sweet super-raked Kogswell forks on the Trek, I took the Alex-rack off my porteur and put it on here. That makes mounting the light easy and carrying stuff easy.

This is the same bike that Stuart raced a couple times this year for CX.

Here's to winter.


The Editor said...

What kind of tires are you using? Did you add the studs yourself, and if not, how much does a decent pair of studded tires cost?

John Speare said...

Hey Derek - I use the nokian hakkapeliitta's. It's the kind of thing you buy once then use for many many years. This will be my third year on these tires and there is no wear yet on them. My neighbor across the street has about 8 years on his and he commutes 20 miles a day and runs them from Nov to March. The secret: carbide studs instead of mild steel. The cheap studded tires are a false economy.

Unknown said...

Comment moderation? Ok first of all studded still won't help with any kind of fresh snow. Lastyears snow left me to abandon my winter bike locked up to a light pole and carry on by foot. Glorify winter commuting by leading on it is possible with rite mods and bike tune tells me you don't kno Jack your neighbor is make believe. Unless every thing is a sheet of ice studs or not. You'll find yourself walking with your two wheels slung from your shoulder then under yer b-hind.

John Speare said...

Jorn -

Your anonymous persona is charming...

Anyway- typcially, I'll run one fat-tired (non-stud) bike for snow and the fixed gear/studded tires on ice only.

After many years of riding through winter, I've found that there's no single set up that works for all conditions. Sometimes, narrow studded tires work fine in snow, if it's slushy, but generally, I try to go as wide as possible with tires for snow (studs don't usually matter).