Friday, November 7, 2008

Last long ride of the year

I planned on cycling about 130 miles today. Then I decided a century would be better. Now, after 85 miles of steady rain and high-30s, I'm done and enjoying split pea soup in Kettle Falls.
It was a good ride. The 747 has proven itself. Jury's still out on the Lake boots.
Mobile post.


Parker said...

Wow ! great job.

bmike said...

57mm reach brakes? shimano's? what size tires can you get in there? (curious)


John Speare said...

Mike: yes, they are shimano 57mm reach. If I were more patient I would've ordered the Tektro bigmouths from Riv -- which were half the price and open wider. But, brakes were the last piece to get me going so I got the fancy Shimanos.
The tire is a 28mm Grand Bois Cerf.

bmike said...

Thanks much! I'm running the Shimano's on my IF, built in a similar manner. Haven't tried the GBs yet - still afraid of the flatting issues - as I ride lots of mixed terrain. I'm running Conti GP 4 season '28's - which are more like a 26.6 or 27. Wider for me would be great - I just need to sneak them in with my fenders.

Might have to swap out the brakes. I've eyed the Riv's too. And then I'd probably have to get wider fenders... sigh. Endless I say!