Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter Bike Plans

Picture courtesy of David "won't be long now" Nelson

I'm not ready for snow yet. I've not yet recovered from last year's relentless winter.

But, it's coming. Today, a buddy of mine stopped by with his bike and it was already shod with studs. He's ready.

Another friend just emailed me a bunch of snowy pictures. There was no text in the body of the message; just pictures of snowy bike stuff and a subject that read, "Won't be long now."

My plan for snow bike this year is the Rawland with big fat knobbies. I'm gonna go with coroplast fenders. Sorry Joe.

My plan for ice bike this year is the same: fixed 720 with studs. At the moment, Stuart is racing this bike in the local CX races, so I can't convert it yet, but I plan on racking it with the big ass rack from my 520. The 720 has Kogswell forks with 65 mm of offset, so the 720 will be happy with a front load.

Liza, of course, will have her trusty Rockhopper with fat studs that will do it all. She's so zen.

I post some pics of these bikes built up later.


13-b122 said...

I am not recovered from last winter either. It was too long. The thought of the snow makes me want to regurge, wear scarfs all over my body and sit in a hot bath by a campfire.

Maybe next year I'll move south.

Like the Tri-Cities.

EvilElf said...

I am, for the first time, ready!

Studs are on the snow bike. I put fenders on this year. About the only thing I would like to do is fine tune the ersatz LED DownLow lighting system from last year.

When I wake up in the morning and there's snow on the ground, I will make the switch from Xtracycle to snow bike.

I figure being ready might prolong or cancel this season's snow, all together!