Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Broke a spoke

I busted a spoke today on my 747. I made it home easily -- about 4 miles. I'm impressed by the wheel build, one spoke busted on the rear wheel but the wheel rolled good enough and didn't rub on the frame. That's also good frame design: having room for a bit of wobble.

Luckily I had a spoke at home that was close enough in length. It's not butted like the other spokes, but that's ok. I wonder if I'll have a rash of broken spokes now. What's slightly odd is that it broke on the non-drive side.


Unknown said...

My fixed gear (Raleigh One Way 2008) was plagued with broken spokes on the stock rear wheel since I bought it. Having it less than a year, I think I snapped 6 of them. Had the lbs check the tension out, but they kept breaking (at the hub flange). Managed to get the wheel rebuilt on Raleigh's dime last week--hopefully that'll be the end of it.

FBC Spokane said...

John, I think you could break an anvil with a rubber mallet.

Hank Greer said...

Yeah, what FBC said. I've never had a broken spoke so I find it odd that it broke at all regardless of which side it was on.

I bet I just jinxed myself.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes spokes just have a manufacturing defect. Since it broke on the left side I'd guess that is the case here. I wouldn't expect a rash of broken spokes to follow.

fredjdukes said...

...what is the cats name...?

The Editor said...

I wouldn't worry, they probably make a cream that clears that sort of thing right up.

John Speare said...

TLP: are you in Spokane? I want to ride your bike.
Fred: cat is Tiger.
Alex: good point. I hope you're right. I'll take the bike out for a spin around town tomorrow.
Hank/Jeff: yes. I break a lot of stuff. I am rough. I don't maintain stuff well. I don't have much finesse. All true. But -- it makes me a good authority on high-value/quality shit, no? For example, best value all-rounder rear wheel: deore hub with synergy OC rim and 14/15 spokes. Word!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, no. I live in Pocatello, Idaho (about two hours from Salt Lake City).

Anonymous said...


I broke it.

But I'm sorry.

You can break one of mine.


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