Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maddie's first ride of the season

At first she was nervous that she'd forgotten how to ride, then she jumped on and wore this smile for the whole ride. 

I bored the hell out of her explaining why the saying "it's like riding a bike" makes so much sense. She informed me that she'd never heard it, "What's like riding a bike?" she asked. I grab hold of those learning moments like a pit bull. So I carried on for at least two blocks about how "they" say it -- cause, you know, riding a bike is something you don't forget. Like  most kids, Maddie lives in the moment and tuned me out after the first 1/2 block or so.

Later, she went up a couple small rises and exclaimed, "Whew, what a work out!" And talked about the "fire" in her legs. Where upon, I seized the moment, "feel the burn!!" I shouted. Maddie just kept on smiling, so I took this photo and shut the hell up so she could ride in peace.

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Bill Foss said...

Beautiful! Hah! Our kids are our best teachers.