Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast Rides

These are social rides, with a few hills to keep us warm, but generally the pace is relaxed. Today we did a little loop out of downtown, made our way to Glenrose, then across the south hill where we landed at the Scoop. Three of the riders did not know that The Scoop had food other than ice cream. 

Well. They do. It's really good, simple fare: bagels, veggie/vegan stuff, great salads, paninnis, breakfast and lunch wraps, homemade baked treats, good coffee, etc. And Kate came and opened up an hour early just for us, so you can't beat the service. 

If you're interested in coming along for a breakfast ride, or starting your own ride, check out the mostly dead Cycling Spokane forum


Pat S said...

I second that - really good food and even better coffee. And thanks, Kate.

Bill Foss said...

Yes, the food is very good. We are so lucky to have The Scoop so close to home. Very nice people there, too!