Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family picture

All the daily drivers ended up in a pile today as we straightened out our storage scenario. It's like a family event when all the kids and parents and kids' kids are there: it makes for a good pic.

I've been meaning to get our storage area squared away for a while so after the Sunday morning ride, I came home and took care of business.

(Obligatory ride pic - go to Pat's blog for a great write-up on our ride this morning.)

I should've taken a "before" picture. Because it was a mess. Btw: the magic number for the space b/t hooks is 16". I think Alex figured that out.


Anonymous said...

I will try to keep a better eye on the forum, as the bowling breakfast ride sounded like fun. More fun than the ride I did.

Anonymous said...

my magic number for spacing is more like 14", but 16" works better with mtn bike bars.

RJ said...

Oh, good! I'm about to put some bike hooks up in a closet and now I don't have to scratch my head for too long to figure it out! Thanks for posting that tip!