Monday, February 2, 2009

Mindnight Century on the brain

Over the last week or so I've been thinking about Mr. Blaine's Midnight Century a lot. I don't know why. But I suspect it's the time of year. Last year as the winter wore on I was thinking about overnighters. This year, I'm thinking about long dirt road rides in the summer. And the best long dirt road ride I took last summer was the midnight century.

This year the ride is at 11:59 PM, Sat Aug 1. 

Some random thoughts I've had:
  • I think if you had to select a stock bicycle from the last 20 years that would kick booty on the Midnight Century, the 1993 XO-2 would be the bike to go with. It's standard diameter, triple-butted tubing, fasty-roady geometry, drop bars, triple chainring, canti-brakes, slightly-flared drop bars and takes fat-enough 26" wheels. 
  • I am slowly building up the Burley Tandem for Liza and me to enjoy this spring and summer. What if Liza and I really enjoyed riding the tandem enough to do this ride together? I ran it by her today and she didn't totally dismiss it out-of-hand. Promising or what?
  • Food. I'm going to bring a bit more food this year and not so much candy. I was on a candy thing last year for long rides. It's good for 50 miles or so, but doesn't hold up after 75 miles of gravel and dirt.
  • Last year the group was small and made a point of waiting and regrouping throughout the ride. If the group is bigger this year, then regrouping won't really work, which means everyone needs to know their way. I hope I fall in with a few people that share a similar pace as me and also know the way.

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