Sunday, October 18, 2009

3 Things

#1. Mr. Blaine has dispatched an update on the Fish Lake Trail.

They have started paving again and are all the way to the temporary trailhead at Rosamond and Lindeke. The parking lot of the new trailhead is paved but they are still working on the bridge over I-90.

Bring on the commuters.

#2. Cyclocross
Today is the second race of the year for the Emde series. I've not raced this year. Next Sunday is 7-mile, my favorite course. We'll be having the P2P annual (and public!) meeting, so I'll miss that one too. My heart is just not in it this year. I may hit the last race at 7-mile in mid-November.

I think Jace, Steph, and Chris will be racing their first CX races today at Liberty Lake. Travis should be out there too. Good luck y'all. If anyone goes and takes pics, send them along.

#3. Joe

Joe was my first riding buddy when I moved back to Spokane about 6 years ago. When I moved here, he owned the aptly named, Joe's Coffee, down by Benniditos. He made amazing muffins, scones, and quick breads. And he had the best drip coffee in town by a mile.

I remember the cold winter morning I went into Joe's place. The windows were totally steamed over and the 3 tables were taken and interesting old-timey music was playing. Good spot man.

Anyway, Joe liked my bike. It's hard not to connect with someone who likes your bike. I ended up spending a chunk of time every morning at Joe's. Eventually, we started riding.

Joe is always down for a ride and he's always down for whatever or where ever when we ride. Good egg, that Joe.


Anonymous said...

CX today at Liberty Lake was great. The Weather was superb, the course was sweet, and the turn out was awesome. Looking forward to next week.
I was able to see both Jace and Taylor race. There are pics and i'll try and get a hold of a couple if they aren't already spread on the world wide web yet since you know we're all that.....Steph

Ken Paulman said...

Hoisting a beer for Joe. Well said.

joe said...

I think I bushed a little...