Friday, November 20, 2009


Another old bike picture. That's my dad on Christmas morning in Boulder City, NV. 1955 or so?

My dad died almost 2 weeks ago of pulmonary fibrosis.

Until a couple years ago when his lungs started giving out, we enjoyed riding bikes along the Kettle River together.

I gave him a Peugeot mountain bike with huge fat knobbies one summer. He enjoyed tooling down the road on this bike when I came to visit.


Pat S said...

Sorry about your dad, John.

That Christmas morning pic is just cooler than cool.

Spokane Al said...

You dad must have been pretty close to the same age as me (born 1950).

Sorry about your loss.

Eric said...

My condolences John

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, John.


Anonymous said...

My condolences John.
My father never used to tire of hearing mountain biking stories. When he passed away from a pulmonary disease I rode alot. Before and during the rides I made a point to mentally invite him along so he could see just what it was like. Just in case that was something he could do.

Erik M.

Klay said...

Oh John, I'm so sorry about your dad.

We're thinking about you.

K,R and even E