Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter glove plan

Like all other winter-cold-wet weather clothing, I continue to fuss with different glove solutions every year. I prefer mittens. They're less prone to sweating and they keep my fingers warm in a wider range of temperatures. I'm not a big lobster claw fan, unless it's less than 25F or so. Then I'm a huge fan.

Here's my daily-driver plan this year.

These are modified REI gloves. I just finished stitching a water-resistant plasticy-nylon on the wind-facing side. These are my favorite gloves. They're light, they're versatile. They don't cost a fortune. But my finger tips tend to get cold when it's colder than 35 or so. I'm hoping this nylon will block the wind and even help a bit with the wet.

For long rides in unpredictable weather, this is my go-to solution. Outdoor Research no longer makes these shells. In fact, I can't find a light-weight Gortex or coated nylon shell mitten anywhere. There are lots of huge "climb Mount Everest" type shells, but nothing light and packable like this anymore. Weird, right?

So I stiched up a split in these mittens too.

Anyway, the wool mittens alone are good down to about the mid-thirties and dry. When it gets colder or if it turns wet, adding these shells gets me down to mid-20's or so, and works well in the lame cold-and-wet zone (30's and rain).


Lucas said...

That is quite a glove plan. I have found that my fingers don't bother me near as much as my toes do. What do you do for your feet?

Travis Nichols said...

O.R. Still makes H20 proof mitts in the form of the Latitude Mitt and the Nice little Paclite Endeavor Mitt - both perfect for your glove/mitt combo

Pat S said...

Yup, weird. The whole active outdoor clothing industry is all about layering except when it comes to your hands. After much experimentation last year, I'm a total freak for wool liners with a non-insulated, wind/water-resistant shell.

Cool project, John. Desperately wish sewing was in my bag of tricks but it drives me totally buggy so hats off.

John Speare said...

Lucas: For cold and dry it's hard to beat the Lake boot. But it's not worked well for me as a daily commuter.
This fall I bought some Shimano MT-60. It's a Gortex shoe that so far has proven to be the ONE. I'll post more on it later.

Travis: Actually, I did see the Lattitude, but not the Endeavor. And, I'll have you know: I went to the MG site first!

The Latitude is way more than I need. If they just sold the shells for <$50, I'd probably buy them. The Endeavors look like the ticket, and when mine die, I may endeavor to get a pair if they ever go on clearance. I loose gloves. If I spent $85 on shells, I'd for sure loose them in a day or two.
Thanks for the head's up.

Pat: what are you using for shells? are you a mitten guy or a glove guy?

Btw: the commute this AM was about 32 and dry. The modified REI gloves kept my fingers toasty! Normally, they would be cold by the time I get to work -- which is all down hill and into the wind. YAY for me!

Pat S said...

John, I'm a glove guy. I use this shell.

Alistair said...

John, I was having a chat with Alex about just this subject recently. I have also noticed that glove overshells seemed to be disappearing. Performance has these,
but it looks like they may be phasing them out.
The OR option looks ok but I prefer something that is less motorcycle gauntlet like.
Pat, those REI glove shells that you linked to looks promising, I'll check those out, thanks.