Thursday, November 5, 2009


Congrats to my buddy and office mate, Jon Snyder. I just talked to him and Mike Allen has conceded the election. Jon is now my councilman. Our relationship will now be one of angry tax payer ranting to his elected official.

We've got 3 solids (Jon, Richard, Amber) on the council now and a semi-solid (Bob). Plus a solid mayor. Now is the time to push the bike stuff.

Here's an interesting take on how bike politics has influenced the mayor's race in Seattle.

I look forward to a time when local politicians and candidates will be falling all over themselves to get a booth at SpokeFest or otherwise trying to court the bike/ped/active transportation voters. As the article I link to above points out, it's not just about courting cyclists, but courting the types that are apt to bike or just appreciate how cycling can make a city more appealing.


Anonymous said...

hell yeah


Pat S said...

I think that time is not far away. Not that Jon didn't run an excellent campaign, but it wouldn't have happened if his platform didn't hit nerves. I think his election speaks volumes about Spokane's vision and appetite. And readiness.

Jason Gilman said...

Great news! Jon definitely would have had my vote if I didn't live exactly one block south of the Spokane boundary.