Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Selling Patrick's stuff

Patrick, of Scoop fame, is a buddy of mine. He's selling two interesting cycling items. I told him I'd post them here because he's a buddy, but also, because this frame should be put to good use.

It's a 1983 Trek 520 (56cm). The 1983 version of this popular model was special. Unlike the 520's that came after it, the 1983 520 used caliper brakes (not canti's) and it was a low-trail bike. In fact, the geometry is pretty close to Rene Herse randoneering bikes from the 50's (parallel 73 HT/ST; 55mm offset; "square" HT/ST length. It's also got pretty nice tubing: Reynolds 501 (not 531, thanks SteveP); 9-6-9 butted profile on the main triangle.

I had this same frame and hacked it into a canti-wearing, 650B-shod porteur. A worthy project. But ultimately, I discovered that the porteur configuration wasn't for me. I ended up trading the frame (in part) for my new cycle truck.

Anyway, Patrick is selling this frame. It's $200 and a bargain considering you'll not find anything approaching the quality of a USA-made, silver-brazed lugged frame (with interesting geometry) like this in production today... for anything close to $200. But I'm a nut for these kinds of frames and I probably wouldn't sell it because I'd hate to have someone lowball me. It would be hanging in my basement, or loaned out. So buy this frame, don't haggle, and enjoy it.

Apparently, Patrick will ship this frame. That's another thing I wouldn't do. For a couple reasons, but I'm droning on long enough here, so I'll spare you the rationalization. By the way: the headset is shot.

Item #2: Ye old Xtree.

$300. That's a $150 (+shipping) savings on this one for local buyers. For out-of-towners: No shipping on this one. Includes everything that Xtracycle includes except the long cable and cable housing for the rear derailleur.

Interested in either of these gems? Email Patrick: psully82 AT hotmail DOT com.


Pondero said...

I'll buy the Trek frame/fork if it is still available.

stevep33 said...

The early 80's Trek frames are a best kept secret. If I didn't already have a very similar 1984 610 model I'd jump right on it.
Curious, is that a 620 or a 520? I think the 620 has Reynolds 531. http://www.vintage-trek.com/TrekBrochure1983Part1.htm

John Speare said...

Chris: please contact Pat. His email address is at the end of the post.

Stevep33: you get the "attention to detail" award. Indeed, the tubing on this Trek is 501, not 531. I agree on the greatness of these early frames. It still makes me sentimental, weepy, and weird to think that such great bikes were production made here in the US.

Pondero said...

Thanks, John, email sent.

I was so eager to reserve a place in line, I didn't read all the way to the end.

It's just what I've been looking for.

RJ said...

Dude, you guys keep sellin' your X's!

How could you let go of an X?!

John Speare said...

RJ: I can't speak for Pat, but for me I like to haul crud on the front of my bike. I'm still an xtracycle lover though.